2. August 2019

New Corporate Image

The image of KAPOSPLAST Plastic Industrial Ltd. has been renewed for the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the company.

The alteration of image is shown in the changes adequate to the traditions and significant position of the company in the plastic industry sector. The result of the transformation is a refined design, that ignores all unnecessary graphical elements and redundant creative solutions. The renewed image is modern and energetic, adjusts itself to the future pursuit of the company.


As the only manufacturer of plastic fibres for the brush and broom industry in Hungary, and Europe’s leading, moreover globally determinant producer, KAPOSPLAST Ltd. has been operating as a Hungarian family business since 1949. The company’s main values – quality, innovation, experience – have been inspiring the directors since the beginning. “Traditions are really important for us, however we are aware of that we have to keep up with trends as a producer that determines the plastic industry worldwide, and that is the reason we have made the decision about the reformation of our 15 year-long unchanged visual appearance. Our aim wasn’t the total transformation, but the creation of an image that adapts to our position in the plastic industrial sector and meets the expectations of the modern era but seems familiar to our old partners.” – summarised Tamás Palócz, the director of the company, the main points of the change of image.


The new design really did not break away with the roots, since the blue and green colours were kept, they were only refreshed, so the appearance looks more vibrant. New font is used on the letter paper and business cards, and the wide range of KAPOSPLAST’s products can also been touched and seen in the new unique sample catalogue.


The changes did not end here. Our website and the appearance of the company cars will be renewed until the end of the first half of 2020. This way the dominant position of  KAPOSPLAST can increase with the help of an extensive marketing communation.