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Tamás Palócz, manager

Welcome to our renewed website!

“I proudly welcome you on our website as the director of a company with 70 years experience.

Traditions are very important to me, however I am aware of that we need to keep up with trends as a globally determinant producer – either in connection with technological questions or speaking about the visual appearance of the company. Our image is new, but the reliable quality of our products is the same.”


We have set in our first production lines for more than half century. Since than we have been producing various products for the plastic industry from different types of polymers.

Since the establishment of KAPOSPLAST in 1949 it has been producing filaments for the brush and broom industry, strapping tapes, agricultural products, monofilaments and filaments for concrete for the global market.

Since 2001 our company has been working in the best quality and efficiency according to the strict standards of ISO 9001 and 14001. In 2013, when a decade-long improvement period finished, our technological development and our capacity multiplied, and significant engineering background improvement happened.

Due to our investments we could extend the range of our products, and we could start our waste recycling centre. Beside the production of standard products in large scale, the supplying of special products for individual customer needs is the most important for us, it is the focus of our efforts for product improvements.


Due to the dynamic growth, the increasing presence on the market and to the customer-centred approach KAPOSPLAST has got a European market leader role on the market of PP filaments for ages. It is our main aim that the colour, size and implementation of our products meet the special, individual needs of our customers.

Many multinational companies have been using our products with satisfaction for ages. Our colleagues are at the disposal of every interested present and future partners with reliable professional background and experience.

  • European quality
    We concentrate on serving customer needs and on sustainable production, so can we be called an innovative, reliable supplier with high quality products and European business culture.
  • Global supplying
    Our products are present not only on the European market but in the Arab countries and in the Americas as well. 90% of our price income comes from export.
  • Market position
    As the only one in Hungary and a globally determinant plastic industrial producer, we have the world’s 3rd biggest capacity.
  • Product development for special needs
    A wide range of product samples is provided for customers, however we can handle special product development and production with unique conception.
  • 70 years professional experience
    We produce high quality plastic filaments, strapping tapes and agricultural products, moreover filaments for concrete used in the construction industry.
  • Innovative solutions
    Our economic success is in a great part due to our capability that we can serve every special need of our customers.
  • 24/7/365 production
    Our production is nonstop throughout the year in order to supply our global clientele and to keep delivery deadlines accurately.
  • Environmentally friendly production
    Some of our products are produced from 100% recycled plastic raw material, in which the waste from production is reused in our products.


We are engaged in protecting the environment, and our waste handling procedures are organized in respect of this.

The evidence for the synchrony of quality and environmentally friendly production is that there are many products in the range of our products that are produced from100 % recycled raw material.


70 years passed since we started working with animal fur and got to the point where we can produce a polymer brush filament able to meet innumerable expectations. It is also more than half a century that we installed our first plastic industrial production line, and 10 years passed since we have entered into to market of PET production.

As a family business in Hungarian hands we work in Kaposvár. We support the development of national economy as a significant exporter and employer of the South Transdanubian region.


  • Establishment in Kaposvár, Hungary
  • First plastic extrusion machine was put into operation
  • Strapping tape production began
  • Owned by Pannonplast
  • Introduction of ISO 9001 quality standards in combination with ISO 14001 environmental management system
  • Owned by Palócz Kft.
  • Entry into PET filling material market
  • Significant manufacturing capacity expansion with new machinery, and modernization of technical and engineering background
  • New recycling plant
  • New export markets
  • Serious capacity expansion with latest high performance production line
  • 2014-2018 significant increase in global export 15000 t/y production capacity + 4500 t recycling capacity
  • Successful obtaining of AEO license
  • 70 years anniversary. New brand image and website

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