PET Automatic strapping tapes

PET automatic strapping tapes

We also turn-over PET strapping tapes to complete our product range.

Technical characters of strap

PET strap has serious strength, holds its tensions long. It is featured by excellent flexibility, weather- and UV-stability and good closing solidity. Straps are produced with width of 12 – 15.5 mm and with thickness of 0,60 – 0,90 mm. Due to versatile and easy use, it offers solid fixing solution to all the industries, even if it is about products of building industry, ones of wood, metal or any other material.

It is suitable to replace steel strap since it has similar characters, however PET strap is much more economical and safer.

Standard sizes

Standard colours



coil size: 406x150mm
quantity: 48 coil/pallet