Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN)

Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) Bristles for Brushes and Brooms)

SANs are thermoplast materials with good wear resistance, stiffness, heat-resistance and chemical resistance. It is used for general purpose polystyrol applications, where a little bit higher chemical resistance and heat resistance is needed. It has good mechanical characteristics, abrasion resistance and it’s dimensionally stabile. Because of that it is a widely used material in the brush industry.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Density: 1,06 – 1,08 g/m2
Tensile strenght: 52 – 75 N/mm2
Tensile elongation: 1,9 – 7,7 %
Melting point: 200 – 270 ºC
Wear resistance: good
Heat resistance: 80 ºC

Chemical resistance (at 20°C)

CC acids and alkalis: resistant
Diluted acids: resistant
Alcohols:  solve
Organic solvents: solve

Fields of application

Household and body-care brushes, brooms, industrial and technical brushes

Quality alternatives

Possible bundle length: 35 – 1200 mm

  • normal – oiled
  • straight – crimped (multiple crimp types)
  • normal – flaggable – flagged

Profile types

SAN bristles are available with the following profile options



Our standard colours are given in our colour sample collection. In case of significant quantity is demanded, also different colours can be manufactured.

Size range

Brush bristles: 0,30-0,59 mm
Broom threads: above 0,60 mm


PE foil tube or rolled into PE strech foil


Worldwide shipping. In cartons, fixed to palette, as required