PP Automatic strapping tapes

PP strapping tapes for automatic use

For fixing different products with automatic strapping machines, for making packing units

Nominal sizes

Width x thicknessLight semi-automatic typeLight automatic typeNormal semi-automaticNormál automata
breaking force (N) min.breaking force (N) min.
5 x 0,40ØØØ450
5 x 0,45ØØØ500
8 x 0,45ØØØ900
8 x 0,50ØØØ950
9 x 0,60Ø1300ØØ
12 x 0,45ØØØ1300
12 x 0,50ØØØ1400
12 x 0,5511501350Ø1700
12 x 0,701600Ø17001900
12 x 0,801900210023002600
12,7 x 0,62ØØØ2100
15 x 0,80ØØ28003000
15 x 0,90ØØ30003400
15,5 x 0,72ØØØ2800
Elongation at break: max. 25%

Other sizes are available on request.


Standard colours

  • For semi-automatic type: black
  • For automatic type: black & white

Other available colours

  • For semi-automatic type: green, blue, red
    (little difference can be among production batches)
  • For automatic type: yellow, blue, green, silver

Standard coil dimensions (mm)

Inside diameter200280406
Coil lenght190190160
Outside diameter400445595

Printing of PP strapping tapes

On demand, we offer printing of strapping tapes.

  • with black ink
  • with letter or number in font ARIAL
  • base tape: min. 8 mm, white or yellow


In cartons, fixed to palette, as required


Worldwide shipping.