Polybutylene-terephtalate(PBT) Bristles for Brushes and Brooms

Because of their high heat-resistance and excellent mechanical properties PBT bristles are ever more widely used materials in the brush industry. It is a little softer and has somewhat lower strength and stiffness than PET with good friction properties and abrasion resistance. Furthermore, it is weatherproof and has good stress corrosion resistance.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Density: 1,37 – 1,40 g/cm3
Tensile strength: 120-200 N/mm2
Elongation at break: 30-35 %
Melting point: 220-230 ºC
Heat resistance: heat resistance up to 100 ºC

Chemical resistance (on 20°C)

  • Alkalis, strong acids: poor resistance
  • Weak acids: good resistance
  • Alcohols: good resistance
  • Organic solvents: excellent resistance

Fields of application

Household and body-care brushes, brooms, industrial and technical brushes.

Quality alternatives

Possible bundle length: 35 – 2000 mm

  • normal – oiled
  • straight (level) – crimped (several types of crimping)
  • flaggable – flagged (under development)

Profile types

RoundOvalY profileCrimpedFlagged


Our standard colours are given in our colour sample collection. In case of significant quantity is demanded, also different colours can be manufactured.

Size range

  • Fine brush bristles: 0,18 - 0,29 mm
  • Brush bristles: 0,30 - 0,59 mm
  • Broom threads: 0,60 - 3,00 mm


PE foil tube or rolled into PE strech foil


Worldwide. In cartons, fixed to pallet; as required.