3. August 2019

Continuous improvements at KAPOSPLAST

The year 2019 is an important milestone in the life of our company, since we are 70 years old this year. The jubilee has already brought many changes in our life and several new to come. Beside the visible transformation belonging to image change, we try to meet the expectations of the modern era behind the scenes.

We are improving most of our brush industrial production lines, which gives the determinant part of our production capacity, within the framework of a year-long project. At our company, that has a long history, there are many manual processes presently, most of them can be automatized due to modernization. These innovations reduce the possibility of mistake, so it results products with steadier quality, which has high priority for us as globally determinant producer.

We try to meet the requirements of the modern era of today in the spirit of Industry 4.0 . Modern technology develops productivity, but does not replace human work and paying attention. Therefore the aim of our efforts for innovation is not only to improve productivity but to ease human working processes.  We are aware of that the faithful work our colleagues is indispensable for the successful operation of our company.