1. August 2019

ANNIVERSARY: 70 years in the brush insdustry

Anniversaries are usually about remembering. Shortly, since the establishment in 1949 we have gotten to the production of the most modern polymer filaments, that meet several expectations, from the processing of animal fur.

Well, let see what have happened to us in the last seven decades?

The first plastic industrial production line started working in 1967.

In 2001 the integrated management system was introduced according to standards of ISO 9001 and 14001, and technological developments were started in 2003.

We took over the management of the company from Pannonplast in 2005, since then Palócz Ltd. is the owner.

In 2009 we entered into a new field, the market of PET fibres, and in the next years more investments were started in order to improve the quality of our fibres. Furthermore, we set up our new waste handling centre in the spirit of our engagement in environment protection. Between 2010 and 2016 continuous and significant expansion of our capacity took place, as the result of which the range of our products were expanded as well, and we entered into the market of PBT, SAN, and PS. After finishing until the year of the anniversary, we had started the changing of our image last year, and this year we began the automatization of several working processes.

As the result of this long journey and several challenges, now we are the only Hungarian and a globally determinant plastic industrial producer. Now we produce our high quality, well known products based on our 70 years experience.